An intensive collagen treatment now in a special package for your health and beauty

We have prepared an intensive collagen treatment package for your health and beauty with collagen supplementation

For 3 pieces of Helissa Collagen you will receive as a gift:

  • 3x vitamin C
  • healthy and quality Geisha Oxalis tea
  • free shipping
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Collagen is the basic construction element in the human body. It is the major organic component of the supportive system of the organism – bones, cartilages, tendons, connective tissues and skin. It is an important component of blood vessel walls, basal membranes, cornea and several body organs.

After the 25th year of life, collagen content of the human body decreases every year and after the 40th year,
collagen production stops.

Helissa Collagen has an advantageous form, because the powder is soluble in fluids and thus, the solution can be
easily drunk.

Content of 1 bag: 3 g hydrolysed collagen

Product composition: hydrolysed fish collagen

Composition of 1 bag (3 g):
Collagen type I: 80,0 %
Collagen type II: 19,5 %
Collagen type III: 0,5 %

Recommended dosage:
1 bag (3 g) once a day. Do not exceed the daily dose.

Put the content of 1 bag (3 g) in a dry glass and add 200-300 ml of potable water, fruit juice, milk or any other
beverage, stir until solved and drink.

This product cannot replace diverse nutrition. Not suitable for children and pregnant women. Store outside
the reach of children! Store in dry and dark conditions at a temperature between +4 and +25°C, protect from
humidity, direct sunlight and radiant heat.

Box weight: 90 g (30 bags)

Producer: Inca Collagen s.r.o., Zborovská 906/11, Žabovřesky, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

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