Helissa Collagen is a brand. An extraordinary and luxurious brand. Helissa Collagen is the only and, thus, pampered product of the company INCA agency s.r.o. The first blue-golden box with a unique, so called bio-active, 100 % pure collagen without any other additives and with fully conserved biological value came into being in 2015. Since that time, the company’s efforts to build up prestige, popularity and reliability of the brand on the domestic and foreign markets are successful. Since its very beginnings, it fulfils the imagination of successful business with economic results being considered as the measure of success and lots of other human expectations, particularly the possibility to help others. Collagen plays an important role in how we feel and look and it’s usage in a suitable form and quality can maintain beauty and health much longer than scheduled by nature. Success of the brand allows the company already today to spent considerable amounts on charitable activities and support of handicapped sportsmen and -women.

History of Inca Collagen s.r.o.

11/2011 The company INCA agency s.r.o. established
2011 – 2013 Specialisation on legal service for victims of traffic accidents focused particularly on serious health damage indemnification
2013 – 2014 Research and development of the Helissa Collagen product, production preparation
5/2015 Introduction of the product Helissa Collagen to the market using only own capital
12/2015 Splitting the company INCA agency s.r.o. and establishment of the sister company INCA assistance s.r.o. providing administratively legal support of INCA agency s.r.o., which started to focus only on production and marketing of the Helissa Collagen brand
2016 – 2018 Keeping permanent growth of revenues, philosophy and exclusivity of the Helissa Collagen brand and high standard of the pro-client attitude

Basic inter-annual growth rate was
in 2016 compared to 2015 309 %,
in 2017 compared to 2016 154 %

Export share to EU countries was
in 2016 40 %,
in 2017 57 %

Basic semi-annual growth rate

Year half II.2015 I.2016 II.2016 I.2017 II.2017 I.2018
Basic growth rate [%] +64 +129 +68 +17 +7

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