33 years

I used to have great troubles with my skin. I stopped smoking a few years ago. My body started detoxing and, in my case, all the impurities were coming out through my face. I have tried all the available options in cosmetics and nothing ever worked.

I started using Helissa collagen even before it was officially on sale. For the third year now, once a month, I visit a cosmetic consultant who takes care of my face using exclusively organic products. She started seeing changes after just two months of taking Helissa and she says with certainty that apart from her treatment, it was mainly the collagen that has helped me. I continue using Helissa as a food supplement until today and now I only need to use one package every other month. I see the positive effects also on my hair and on the overall skin quality.


40+, Blogger

I’d like to tell you something about Helissa collagen I got for testing. I only hesitated whether or not to test it for a short while. I was just curious, and you know what they say – at my age, the body starts to lack collagen. At the same time, I wanted to challenge myself because I am quite messy with regular use of any supplements. I often use these products only for a short while when the situation is critical and then forget about them. And the box with thirty sachets of collagen has motivated me in a way. For about 3 weeks, I managed to use the collagen every single day. On the first day, I thought to myself that it must be the placebo effect because my joints were hurting as “my days” were starting, and after taking the first sachet, the reaction was immediate – the pain settled down.

However, it’s different if you use collagen internally. Of course, it depends on what kind of collagen you are using. In your joints, nails and hair, you have the type 1 collagen. I’m not a chemist, I only read about it but also tried it properly on myself. I definitely feel the improvement in my joints as well as nails. The truth is that while I was taking the collagen, I did not varnish my nails at all, which can also burden them, but before, my nails used to be really chapped, whole pieces were peeling off. This is not happening any more. I am taking the supplement, but also trying to eat healthy because the supplement is just that, the “supplement” is not a replacement of your nutrition… I also take good care of my nails… And I do exercise regularly. And all of that, together with collagen, definitely has an effect.

Richard Štěpánek

47 years, disabled athlete

I have been active in the “profi” sports world for more than 26 years now. Dancing, exercising, cycling, marathons, etc., and it all puts considerable demands on my body. I stopped relying solely on its ability to renew the sources a long time ago and I listen carefully to any unknown sounds. If I provide energy, I have to make sure that my engine will take the increased strain I put on it thanks to the premium fuel.

Since new year, I started cooperating with the Inca Collagen Company which supplies our market with 100% collagen in form of a soluble powder in a very practical packaging. Every day, the collagen dose is a part of my breakfast. This year, Helissa was my companion not only in training but also during the longest ultra marathon, the 1000miles adventure, a non-stop race without assistance across the former Czechoslovakia.

I know that the missing limb will not grow back thanks to Helissa, however, I believe that by helping me to keep my musculo-skeletal system fit, I will manage to achieve all my goals in good health. It doesn’t take too much, you just need to give your body what it needs. Today, I know from my experience with collagen that Helissa is the right choice for me as well as for other users. My body is not getting any younger but its active life can be extended. Enjoy your life, the healthy one. Best wishes to all!

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