33 years

I used to have great troubles with my skin. I stopped smoking a few years ago. My body started detoxing and, in my case, all the impurities were coming out through my face. I have tried all the available options in cosmetics and nothing ever worked.

I started using Helissa collagen even before it was officially on sale. For the third year now, once a month, I visit a cosmetic consultant who takes care of my face using exclusively organic products. She started seeing changes after just two months of taking Helissa and she says with certainty that apart from her treatment, it was mainly the collagen that has helped me. I continue using Helissa as a food supplement until today and now I only need to use one package every other month. I see the positive effects also on my hair and on the overall skin quality.


40+, Blogger

I’d like to tell you something about Helissa collagen I got for testing. I only hesitated whether or not to test it for a short while. I was just curious, and you know what they say – at my age, the body starts to lack collagen. At the same time, I wanted to challenge myself because I am quite messy with regular use of any supplements. I often use these products only for a short while when the situation is critical and then forget about them. And the box with thirty sachets of collagen has motivated me in a way. For about 3 weeks, I managed to use the collagen every single day. On the first day, I thought to myself that it must be the placebo effect because my joints were hurting as “my days” were starting, and after taking the first sachet, the reaction was immediate – the pain settled down.

However, it’s different if you use collagen internally. Of course, it depends on what kind of collagen you are using. In your joints, nails and hair, you have the type 1 collagen. I’m not a chemist, I only read about it but also tried it properly on myself. I definitely feel the improvement in my joints as well as nails. The truth is that while I was taking the collagen, I did not varnish my nails at all, which can also burden them, but before, my nails used to be really chapped, whole pieces were peeling off. This is not happening any more. I am taking the supplement, but also trying to eat healthy because the supplement is just that, the “supplement” is not a replacement of your nutrition… I also take good care of my nails… And I do exercise regularly. And all of that, together with collagen, definitely has an effect.


47 years, disabled athlete

I have been active in the “profi” sports world for more than 26 years now. Dancing, exercising, cycling, marathons, etc., and it all puts considerable demands on my body. I stopped relying solely on its ability to renew the sources a long time ago and I listen carefully to any unknown sounds. If I provide energy, I have to make sure that my engine will take the increased strain I put on it thanks to the premium fuel.

Since new year, I started cooperating with the Inca Collagen Company which supplies our market with 100% collagen in form of a soluble powder in a very practical packaging. Every day, the collagen dose is a part of my breakfast. This year, Helissa was my companion not only in training but also during the longest ultra marathon, the 1000miles adventure, a non-stop race without assistance across the former Czechoslovakia.

I know that the missing limb will not grow back thanks to Helissa, however, I believe that by helping me to keep my musculo-skeletal system fit, I will manage to achieve all my goals in good health. It doesn’t take too much, you just need to give your body what it needs. Today, I know from my experience with collagen that Helissa is the right choice for me as well as for other users. My body is not getting any younger but its active life can be extended. Enjoy your life, the healthy one. Best wishes to all!


I like to mix collagen with juice and water. I drink it in the evening to nourish my hair and joints that need strengthening due to orthopaedic difficulties.


The product was a very pleasant surprise for me due to its visible results and neutral taste. I decisively recommend it and I consider to buy it as presents for my friends.


It can be easily dissolved in any beverage. With respect to the fact that ist taste can be slightly felt, I do not recommend to dissolve it in fruit juice as specified in the instructions, but only in clean water, it can be easier tolerated then. After one month of collagen therapy, my skin has improved and my problems with chin skin caused by face mask wearing vanished. I strongly recommend it ?.

Barbora and her Libi

Our dog ate it with his dry food and did not know about it, thus, submitting is without problems. The dog looks more vital, we probably will continue this therapy for a longer time.


I had chemo- and radiotherapy half a year ago. My joints started to ache and my body skin got very dry. After three weeks of Helissa Collagen drinking, joint pain vanished and I do not need layers of skin crème any more ?. My skin is evidently more elastic and also my nails are almost all right, the do not split any more ?.

Silvia and Abby

Abby, our 14 years old Hawaii dog bitch, runs again as a puppy. Even her hair quality improves and her hair is glossier. Thus we are most satisfied.


When I was young l’ve looked at people in their 50′ as if they were a music I would never have to face. But I did and now that l’ve celebrated my 50th birthday whenever I look in the mirror what l see is still unbelievable and sometimes even uncomfortable. I’ve tried many products over the years all of which came with a promise of making me young again. But none of them live up to those promises and with every other product I felt more and more naive for ever believing them.

So you can imagine my face when my friend gave me Helissa Collagen as a gift. “Take one every day and you won’t believe” she said and so I took one every day… with a grain of salt. After a month l had to admit that Helissa Collagen does work. Wrinkles became less visible, my hair became denser and nails stronger even my skin got softer. And although I’m still fifty I no longer have to look in the mirror under a dimmed light.


wing of BK Žabiny Brno, 28 years

I take Helissa Collagen for almost a year now and l am more than satiated.


business woman

Helissa Collagen is great for hair, nails and skin! Every woman few months post pregnancy knows exactly how important that is and what other issues we experience. Helissa Collagen has been of great help to me for two years and now more than ever.


physio-masseur, therapist

I take Helissa Collagen for more than 3 years now. And not just me but my family too. My mother takes it every day for the last year and a half. For ten years now she suffers from stage 3 osteoarthritis in both her hands and feet and I am very happy to say that her state has improved a lot! During her last medical examination the doctor found out just how much: her osteoarthritis is now only stage 1!

I also recommend it to my clients and their results are just as breathtaking. I can see and feel them on my clients especially during massages but also on myself ! These days use Helissa Collagen even during those massages by administering it externally.


event manager

I’m not gonna butter you up and say that if you start taking Helissa Collagen your hair, nails and skin will magically improve on its own… much more factors like a healthy lifestyle, daily movement or skin care etc. must be in place in order to achieve that. But if you compliment those factors with everyday use of Helissa Collagen then the quality of your skin, nails and hair can improve. And so they did after consumption of the three-month Helissa Collagen treatment. I have to say that skin I have now I didn’t have even a few years prior to the treatment and my hair too is now healthier and shinier. l also run regularly and my joints do not bother me… and so I can recommend this 100% natural marine collagen.


May it be convalescence after surgery or lust for beautiful skin, nails, hair and or eyelashes I was pleased to provide feedback in the form of my satisfaction. With this review I want to thank the founder and CEO of Helissa Collagen Romana Ljubas and her team.


Helissa is my love, my everyday ritual.
I pour it into my glass and mix it with water, without any need for a manual.
Afterwards I feel so young even when in front of a grave.
The fact that I’m not buried in it I feel throughout my every move.

All that thanks to Helissa Collagen which I drink with passion. Hair growth has accelerated and and my joints literally force me to run! I can’t imagine my morning without it!


wing of BK Žabiny Brno, 23 years

I take Helissa Collagen for almost a year now and I wouldn’t switch. Both my hair and nails grow faster and even my hurting knee toughened.



I used it even before I got pregnant for my skin and it worked wonders. During pregnancy I lowered the doses to a half and I think it saved me from stretch marks which are hereditary in my family. And I use it now during breast-feeding and the number of hair falling off is lower compared to the other mothers. I have beautiful skin without complexion and a lot of energy. It is my small miracle and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise.


It’s been one and a half year since I started using food supplement Helissa Collagen. Which effects feel it has had on my body ? My skin has become more nourished and tough, quality of nails has improved, my hair has become shinier and smoother to the touch and hair growth has accelerated. Before recommending anything to anyone need to be 100% sure about the quality and the results of the product. Helissa Collagen has excited me and I am maximally satisfied.


PB Cosmetics

I’ve started using Helissa Collagen after my accident. Primarily because of the broken pelvis. After one month I’ve already noticed the beautiful and strong nails which in my case have always been fragile. My hair for which I couldn’t care for like I’m used to during my time in the hospital have gotten better thanks to Helissa Collagen. What really surprised me though was how long and beautiful my eyelashes have become. I haven’t used any serum for a long time now so it’s safe to say that it’s all thanks to Helissa Collagen. So with this I express my gratitude for this amazing Czech product.


businessman and sportsman

After the surgery of my knee that i literally shattered doing martial arts problems with it never seemed to leave my side. I wasn’t able to run for more than 1 kilometer without my knee screeching.  I had tried various preparations over the years without any signs of improvement. And because there was another surgery before me I had decided to to test Helissa Collagen after Tomáš Pitrun recommended it to me. Two months in and I was able to run 4,5 kilometers after I had given up on it due to my laziness 🙂  and so I will end this review with stating that this product truly works on me and I am very curious what the doctor will tell me after comparing the scans before and after  the use of Helissa Collagen.


wing of BK Žabiny Brno, 23 years

At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the smell of Helissa Collagen but as the time went by i got used to it and i am happy I have chosen this product.


fitness coach

I am familiar with the effects collagen has on the human body and I had to increase the supply into mine.


After my muscle injury I have begun using this collagen and it took only weeks for me to notice the changes. As a bonus my nails and hair strengthened. Top quality product on the market!


fashion designer

I wont let anyone talk bad about Helissa Collagen! Because it is 100% pure, natural and without additives. From my own experience I can confirm that if u take it long enough and in the right form it can do literal magic on your body. It is not just for fun that collagen is called the youth protein you know. It shrinks wrinkles, increases skins elasticity and positively influences joints and hair… After Helissa Collagen my hair grows like never before and my skin is beautiful AF!


It is a treasure to me! I love it! For beauty, health, nails, hair and skin. Simply the best!


top model

Helissa Collagen quickly grew on me. Unique and natural supplement for beautiful skin and healthy hair, strong and flexible nails and joints. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


make-up artist

No need to kiss it… drinking is enough for a miracle.


motocycle competitor

Aside from classic proteins I have also started taking natural collagen. Alongside shorter regeneration it has helped me for example with my knee problems which thanks to not only my sports but also the occasional cycling really bothered me. But thanks to Helissa Collagen they bother me no longer for which I am grateful.


They say that with years cells age and so for a month now I am taking Helissa Collagen. This collagen is best dissolved with vitamin C so every-time I pour it into the water with some lemon as a part of my morning routine. This supplement strengthens nails and hair rejuvenates skin and much more. And I share this collagen bundle with my mother both of us are beautiful and satisfied!



During the exhibition on TV I have punched through the burning Ytong bricks and everyone was amazed by how quickly and finely have my palms healed. Because of the heavy toll that every sportsman has to go through it is key to also go through a quality regeneration. And that is precisely what Helissa Collagen is! For me it was the muscle function that helped me find it and after the injury I know that it is also good for a quick regeneration of burned skin.



Absolute satisfaction.



I never took excessive care of my skin, as I never had any problems with it. However, first visible changes came shortly after 30, after my daughter was born. My hair fell in flocks and sleep interruptions together with exhaustion visibly influenced also my skin. I looked for fast and mainly least time-consuming rescue. Only after a few bags, my skin began to shine and after a few weeks I saw also new “baby-hair”. Helissa Collagen became my every-day routine and my secret beauty elixir that I carry it even in my handbag with me. For me, it has a completely neutral taste and thus, I most often drink it dissolved in water. Also, my husband started to take Helissa Collagen as he has knee problems due to his sports activities, and my friends were immediately curious about the golden bags and wanted to know more about it.


satisfied customer

Now I take my second Helissa Collagen package and I am really satisfied with it. Already now I see the results – my skin is clearer and more stretched, with less wrinkles and other imperfections. First, I started to used it due to hair loss and bad hair quality. Already after such a short time, my hair thickened and became less brittle. After three children, I took various vitamins, hair tonics and shampoos, but only Helissa Collagen helped me. Its advantage is its simple usage, anytime during the day into a glass of water. I am sure to continue with it and I highly recommend it.


satisfied customer

My problem is thinning hair, already for longer time. This was one of the reasons why I decided to test Helissa Collagen. When I look back, I see that hair loss is less and what is most important, they are glossier. This pleased me as a woman most. Another pleasant surprise was also the effect of Helissa Collagen onto my locomotive system. In the past, I suffered of problems with an intervertebral disc, which resulted in frequent backbone pain. Though it has not vanished completely, they are significantly less frequent and less intensive as before.


satisfied customer

I just wanted to let you know that my second Helissa Collagen package came today. I am very satisfied, I do not know, whether it is possible after only one month, but my skin is really improved and also my hair starts to wake up again. Thus, I continue the cure…



Without collagen, I could not do sports so as I would like to. Helissa Collagen helps my joints to function well. It also takes care of hair that had a very hard time during breast-feeding of my both children that resulted in vigorous hair loss. Helissa Collagen is an everyday part of myself.


satisfied customer

Two months ago, my knee was subject to surgery and I wanted something efficient – so I tested Helissa Collagen. And I must acknowledge that I was mistaken when I thought, it is only paid advertising when I sow how many celebrities recommend it: However, I am only an ordinary person and collagen helps me very much now when I have to rehabilitate. My knee and particularly the scars heal better and faster and my skin, nails and hair quality is better. I am very satisfied and I recommend it to all my acquaintances.

Mr. Kordiak

satisfied customer

Wife Lucia about her husband who used collagen: It is really marvellous. My husband suffered of knee pain, though he is still young. It took almost three months, before his pain vanished, but now he praises it. When he does a squat, he has no pain any more as before. And he is even nicer than before.


satisfied customer

I used Helissa Collagen and I will continue with it. I suffered of such a hair loss during both pregnancies that I had bald spots on forehead sides. After two months, my hair changed substantially. Also, the quality of my skin improved and my nails became stronger. From my side – TOP.

Your product saved my hair. I almost cried; I was almost bald-headed. Now, my hair is so long and thick, as it was never before. I understand that everybody has a different experience, but I won’t hear a word against Helissa Collagen.


satisfied customer

After delivery of my younger daughter, I suffered of hair loss as lots of other women. After some time, hair loss stopped, but after a year of using various vitamin preparations almost without any result. Thus, I continued my search for help and I found Helissa Collagen, which I could use also during the breast-feeding time. After having taken the first box, almost no results were visible, but as a three-month treatment is recommended, I continued it. After the second month, my hair began to grow and after the third box, my hairdresser welcomed me with the words: Wow, where have you all the new hair from? Helissa Collagen had also a positive influence on my constantly brittle nails that became stronger and they even grew better. The investment into Helissa Collagen has really paid off.


mother, blogger

Collagen replenishment evidently improves my nails, hair, it hydrates my skin, softens old wrinkles and stretch-marks and eliminates pigmented lesions that were worse after delivery and belong to my heritage. Collagen treatment twice a year becomes to my morning routine and the results are really visible. My tip is to do the treatment before summer. In summer, our skin simply requires double care. Not only the exposition to direct sun, but also the exposition to the eyes of our surroundings. Sufficient collagen in the skin helps to resist to irrigation, ageing, skin burning or the so undesired pigmented lesions.


mother, blogger

After delivery, it is natural that my body passes lots of changes, not to speak about breast-feeding induced changes. So, I decided to replenish collagen. Not only for the sake of my hair and skin, but also for my teeth and bones. Now I must replenish proteins more intensive as before. And collagen supports also healing after delivery and helps to gain the former fitness much faster. I decided to take it earlier instead of waiting for problems that I wanted to prevent or alleviate at least. I have been taking Helissa Collagen already for some time together with my husband who takes it to support his joints. We add it to our morning smoothies or to our fruit juice when time is short.


certified pharmaceutical laboratorian and certified cosmetician

Primarily, I started to take collagen particularly due to my constantly cracking knees and brittle nails. I must confirm that I started to feel perfectly already after a one-month dose of Helissa Collagen. My knees crack much less, my nails are stronger and I was extremely happy due to the fact that it helped me to prevent a day-case hand surgery as my ganglion caused due to overload began to absorb nicely due to collagen intake.


licenced trainer of bodyART

I see collagen from two view points. As a woman and as a trainer. As a woman, it is understandable that I want to look young as long as possible, to have nice skin, hair, and skin. Thus, everything that can help me in these efforts, has a big plus for me. And as a trainer, I know that it is necessary to care for one’s body. Recently I broke my fibula in the training and started to take collagen. My physician praised me as my fracture healed very nicely and I believe that collagen supported it.


Slovak wrestling champion

I have been using Helissa Collagen for a very long time. It helped to my knees and joints, which are extremely stressed by wrestling.

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