Collagen helps take care of your skin

Images of beautiful people with fresh and radiant complexions are ubiquitous in the modern world. Therefore, to be beautiful is to be healthy. But how does one achieve it? Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet can go some way in maintaining a healthy complexion whilst also saving you a lot of money on expensive rejuvenating creams.

When we are young we take our health for granted. It is not until age catches up to us that we realise we should be taking better care of ourselves. As we age, wrinkles emerge, age spots appear, and due to our body’s decreasing production of natural collagen our skin begins to lose its elasticity and begins to sag.

Your skin needs collagen to remain well nourished, healthy, and beautiful. Collagen comprises 70% of all proteins of the skin, this decreases dramatically after our 25th birthday. Collagen is responsible for your skin’s texture, smoothness, and the degree of its hydration. If your skin has a low collagen consistency then your skin is more vulnerable to the signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots, and dryness.

Simple and natural solutions to beauty problems

Drinking bio-active collagen such as Helissa Collagen will slow down the visible signs of aging. Bio-active collagen replicates the molecular structure of natural collagen produced by the body. Thus, a bio-active collagen supplement such as Helissa Collagen, is used by your body to replenish the skin’s vitality as if it was produced naturally.

Collagen in skin acts as a support to nourish, replenish and protect. It strengthens the skin’s layers therefore allowing it to eliminate the onset of new wrinkles and cellulite before they appear. It softens old wrinkles and stretch marks, making them less visible. It cures dry wrinkles and new scars. It softens old scars making them less noticeable.

Collagen also helps the to retain water in the skin allowing it to remain hydrated making it brighter, fuller thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Higher hydration unifies the skin’s colour tone and ensures for smoother skin texture.

Why a collagen drink? Is not it better to use collagen creams?

If you wish your body to absorb collagen supplements they must be bioactive. A bio-active collagen is produced only in the form of a powder, which dissolves in water and, thus can be subsequently consumed. There are a lot of collagen products in the market. However, if they are not in the form of a single-component bio-active powder their effectiveness is questionable. Quality skin creams certainly supply the skin with much needed nutrients, but collagen supplements are most effective when taken aurally by drinking it.

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