Taking Helissa Collagen is easy, convenient and hassle free.

How to start taking Helissa Collagen

To maximise the benefits of Helissa Collagen it is advisable to complete the initial two-month daily treatment. This consists of daily consumption of one Helissa Collagen sachet. Stir contents of Helissa Collagen sachet into 200-300ml of your prefered drink – be it water or juice for example, and then consume. Simple and effective.

When should I take Helissa Collagen?

Top athletes take Helissa Collagen at night before going to bed to maximize on the regeneration process whilst the body rests and recuperates. By consuming Helissa Collagen in the morning you are giving your well rested body a vital boost before you start the day. You know your body best, take Helissa Collagen in the morning or evening, whenever is convenient, it’s entirely up to you.

I have already been taking Helissa Collagen for some time

If you have already completed the two month initial treatment of Helissa Collagen, we recommend you take one sachet every third day from there on in. Upon completion of the initial treatment, use can be discontinued for up to 12 weeks without the effect of Helissa Collagen subsiding.

Helissa Collagen in acute cases

If you suffer from an acute lack of collagen, take 3 sachets of Helissa Collagen daily for at least 1 week. Please, do not exceed the maximum recommended dosage of 10,000 milligrams of collagen per day.

Instructions for use

Mix the contents of one 3000 mg sachet of Helissa Collagen into 200-300 ml of drinking water, fruit juice, milk or any other preferred consumable drink, apart from grapefruit juice.

Then drink it. Contents of one 3000 mg sachet of Helissa Collagen is best emptied first into a dry container, then 200-300 ml of drinkable liquid added to the Helissa Collagen powder. Stir, settle and then drink. Simple.

Daily recommended dosage is one 3000 mg sachet of Helissa Collagen.

The maximum daily recommended dosage of Helissa Collagen is 10,000 mg per person.

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