Helissa Collagen and healthy lifestyle

We take our health for granted until it comes to the day where we are confronted by the reality that with time age catches up to us. With it come wrinkles, aches, discomfort, and fatigue. These are our body’s way of reminding us that we must take better care of ourselves. Choosing to listen to your body, understanding the signs and taking adequate precautions such as using Helissa Collagen is the best way to slow this process down.

Human body and collagen

By the time the human body reaches its 25th birthday, its collagen content begins to decrease annually by 1.5%. By the time one reaches their 40th birthday natural collagen production is limited to very small amounts. This dramatic decrease in collagen content is visibly evident by the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, hair loss, and dry and brittle nails. The lack of collagen is also evident by the emergence of stiffness and discomfort in bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Collagen constitutes 30% of the human body’s protein whilst also constituting 75% of human skin. It provides elasticity to the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing dehydration, and continually enabling the skin cells to renew and regenerate.

Natural collagen produced by the human body consists of three protein fibres. Under a microscope, it looks like a triple helix consisting of about 20 different varieties of amino acids. If you take supplements of collagen such as Helissa Collagen to boost your natural production it is important that the supplements are molecular in structure. This so that your body recognizes it and uses it efficiently.

Why Helissa Collagen?

Helissa Collagen is produced by a unique process which is called hydrolysis. The process of hydrolysis ensures that Helissa Collagen contains the same triple helix structure as the natural collagen which is produced by the human body. As a result the body uses Helissa Collagen as it does its naturally produced collagen to heal and reenergise tired skin and worn joints, bones, and ligaments. The characteristic of the food supplement is called bioactivity.

Why take Helissa Collagen?

Due to the high bioactivity contained in a single 3000 mg sachet of Helissa Collagen the body receives supplementary boost to its collagen ensuring the aging process is slowed and skin is revitalised.

Helissa Collagen and healthy diet

Taking Helissa Collagen along with a healthy and balanced diet is both safe and advantageous. Whether one is wishing to lose weight or has an active lifestyle, including Helissa Collagen in your daily diet is beneficial in assisting your body to recuperate quicker after physical activity and helps your body fight infections. Helissa Collagen is gluten free, suitable to take with paleo and keto diets.

Helissa Collagen and exercise

The intake of quality proteins play an important role in building and maintaining muscle mass and assisting in recovery after exercise. Helissa Collagen helps to increase skin elasticity, and improve the flexibility of joint and tendons. It is ideal for those who exercise to lose weight, to tone, shape and/or to form muscles.

Helissa Collagen during pregnancy and lactation

Helissa Collagen is a dietary supplement and as such is not suitable for use during pregnancy. When breastfeeding no restrictions apply.

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