Collagen helps you to have healthier and better quality hair and nails

The quality of your hair and nails decreases with age. The thinning and greying of hair, and an increase in hair loss are visible effects of it becoming more fragile and weaker. Whilst our nails become frayed, brittle and are more susceptible to cracking and breaking. These are the effects of a decrease in our natural production of collagen – the fundamental building protein which the body requires to maintain healthy hair and nails.

The body’s natural production of collagen slows after the age of 25 resulting in the effects of aging becoming more prominent. As we age, the body becomes more susceptible to infections and joint discomfort. This is because collagen isn’t just responsible for maintaining the vitality of hair and nails, it is also assists in the healing of various skin diseases and sore joints.

The natural visible manifestation of aging can be slowed down. Complementing your natural production of collagen by using a supplement of high quality pure marine collagen can slow the visible aging process and thus make your life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Collagen constitutes 70% of the skin’s proteins. The higher the quality and level of regeneration of your scalp and nail beds, the better your hair and nail growth.

Collagen and hair

Hair with a sufficient supply of collagen is more flexible, stronger, shinier, and has greater volume. It is less prone to greying, hair loss is reduced and breakages are less frequent. It is possible that by taking supplements containing pure marine collagen hair growth, hair vitality and hair volume will increase. The superior the quality of supplementary collagen the more effective the results.

Collagen and nails

Using collagen supplements not only strengthens your nails, making them less susceptible to breaking and cracking, it also makes your nails more flexible and firm.

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