Collage as a christmas gift

Do you already know what presents you want to buy for your family? Even though almost summer temperatures continue to be outside, Christmas approaches unstoppably and only a few days remain before it breaks out. The speed in December is insane. You will have to complete everything at work, you will hurry from one Christmas party to the next, then home to bake gingerbread so that it becomes soft. Presents have to be thought up and bought then. Malls will be crowded by crazy amounts of stressed people and all this will cost you lots of energy – in vain.

What about trying it in another way this year?

Prepare some tea, stretch your legs and buy Christmas present for the whole of your family by clicking once the Shop button from the comfort of your home. We have several tips for you:


Give them health. Helissa Collagen will help them to mitigate signs of osteoporosis and will also do their joints good. Thus, they can enjoy playing with their grandchildren with less pain. Pack also our towels together with the collagen box into one present (so that they finally get rid of the towels, which they already have had for twenty years) and buy a crossword book in the newspaper stand. The Christmas present for your grandparents is prepared.


Give them youthInca Collagen helps their joints and bones as well. In their age, they still are sure to care about the aesthetic aspect. Help them to keep youthful skin and to slow down ageing.



Give them beauty. Show me a woman who does not want to have beautiful hair, strong nails, smooth skin and no cellulitis? We all want this and any woman around you will be delighted by getting an instant dose of beauty in the form of an Helissa Collagen box, which will help them to fulfil all the mentioned dreams.


Give them care. Unfortunately, men do not care for themselves as much as women. They are not interested in it and they start to deal with ageing, only when it is already irreversible. Show men around you that care for themselves pays off. Helissa Collagen will mitigate skin ageing, it will improve hair growth and support muscle mass growth and regeneration after physical exercise. Add a permanent pass to a fitness centre and a towel, which he can take there with him, and you will discreetly teach him that care for himself brings only benefits.

Pack the presents into beautiful blue present bags and everybody will find the same basis and a personalised bonus with it under the Christmas tree.

In only 3 minutes of your time, you settled the Christmas presents question concerning all your family. Your friends and relatives will get an intensive dose of health, beauty, youth and care in the form of Helissa Collagen and the items, we offer. And you have a fine December. 

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