All our body including our skin changes with increasing age. First wrinkles begin to occur on the cheeks and skin elasticity decreases. Hair begin to thin and, in many cases, it is accompanied by brittle or splitting nails. Even the movability of our body begins to change, being not the same as earlier.


What is the purpose of collagen?

All the mentioned problems are often caused by lack of the protein called collagen.
Collagen can be considered to be the basic construction particle of supportive tissues and it forms up to 25-30 % of all proteins in our body. Collagen is important for building and/or renewal of bones, cartilage and even for ligaments and tendons. Our body can produce collagen itself, but year after year, its production decreases, the above mentioned accompanying signs begin to emerge and we see that we age.
And as ageing is natural and concerns all of us, we decided to test the Helissa Collagen product, which can replenish the lost collagen in the body and keep it in the best possible form.
Helissa Collagen is a food supplement which contains 100% pure sea collagen with not additives. Besides supporting cell renewal, it can regenerate hair, skin and nails.

At present, we know more than 27 types of collagen, with Helissa Collagen containing collagens of type I, II, and III.

The recommended daily dose contains up to 3 000 milligrams of these collagens. The product is produced of hydrolysed fish collagen and it is really intended for all, for sports(wo)men as well as for people with sedentary jobs.
Its use is not recommended for pregnant women, but if you already breast-feed, you can use Helissa Collagen. The daily dose is one bag, the content of which is simply soluble in water, in juice or even in milk. You can even add it to food. It depends on you whether you will use this product in the morning or in the evening. It is recommended to use collagen before going to sleep, if you do sports, because it can support regenerative processes at night, which are most active while sleeping.

Collagen effects

• It feeds joints, bones, tendons and connective tissues as well as muscles
• It helps to regenerate
• It influences positively quality of teeth and nails
• It mitigates knee, backbone and joint pain
• It increases elasticity of skin and keeps it youthful appearance
• It smooths wrinkles
• It influences growth and quality of hair positively


One of the biggest advantages of this product is its 100% pure composition, without unnecessary additives, which we really appreciate. Particularly it concerns:
Collagen type I: 80.0 %
Collagen type II: 19.5 %
Collagen type III: 0.5 %

The first mentioned type I collagen can be found in human connective tissues, with most of it bound in skin and bones.
Collagen type II is necessary for correct function of cartilage tissues and it is concentrated there.
The content of the third one, type III collagen, decreases with increasing age and type I collagen slowly replaces it step-by-step.


Use of this product is simple and it will not limit you in any way during the day. If you have not used it yet, you need to pass an introductory two-months lasting cure, during which you use one bag daily.
After two months, the usage scheme changing to one bag about every third day.
In case of acute lack of collagen in the organism, you can use 3 bags daily. However, do not exceed the recommended daily dose of collagen, which is 10 000 milligrams.
In case of this product, you need not fear the unpleasant fish odour. Thus, Helissa Collagen is suitable for you even if your nose is more sensitive.

Bags have a handy size, thus you can easily pack it into your luggage, where it does not need too much place. Due to the fact that bio-active collagen is processed by cold technology, all its biological value remains unchanged. The molecule of this collagen, which is most similar to human collagen, consists of three interwoven protein chains, which form the structure of the triple helix together. This is important for resistant and strong cartilage tissues.

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