Recently, lots of collagen preparations appeared in the market. You can get the youth protein, as collagen is often called, as pills, powders, creams, in pharmacies, drugstores and even in solariums. No wonder, the broad spectrum effects of collagen on overall health and beauty are so pronounced that they caused literally the collagen madness. But not all collagens are the same. And it matters very much in what form you use it to achieve the desired effect in the body. How to select the “correct” one that brings the desired fruit in the form of healthy joints, youthful skin and hair to form the real crown of your beauty? We will try to advise you.

Do you suffer from sore joints or first wrinkles? You might lack collagen.

Do you suffer from knee pain? Do you have joint problems? Do your fractures heal badly? Do you have wrinkles, cellulite, unsightly pigmented lesions, brittle nails or fragile hair? If you have answered at least one of these questions positively, it is very probable that your body lacks collagen, the most important structure protein of our body. Particularly if you belong to the age category 40+. We will explain why.

Why is it for our body so important?

Collagen, the basic construction material in our body, forms connective tissues of the locomotive organs. It represents 30 % of all proteins in the body, and up to 70 % of the joint cartilage dry matter. This fibrous, insoluble protein forms not only the structure of bones and joints, but also of ligaments and tendons, cartilage and skin. While our body is able to cover all its need by producing it itself in its young age, collagen feeds joints, improves muscle mobility and prevents ageing of joint structures and tissues. And not only this. There is a reason why it is called the youth protein! If we have enough of it, it keeps not only our skin, but all body tissues perfectly young and flexible. For this, it is necessary to adapt also the menu as collagen is also in our foodstuff.

An intensive collagen treatment now in a special package

We have prepared an intensive collagen treatment package for your health and beauty with collagen supplementation. For 3 pieces of Helissa Collagen you will receive as a gift: soft towel, 3x vitamin C, healthy and quality Geisha Oxalis tea and free shipping.

Whether we like it or not, our body ages.

Did you know that our body stepwise looses its ability to produce collagen starting with the 25th year of life and after the 40th year, it does not produce it almost at all? Yes, it is true. Lack of collagen as a consequence of its natural depletion by age results first of all in bone status deterioration – and manifests itself among others by muscle weakening, decrease of tendon and muscle flexibility, decrease of friction in the inner of the joints up to various degenerations. Lack of collagen results also in first wrinkles or the feared cellulite, which is – particularly for women – also unpleasant. The skin is dry, hair loses its gloss… the inevitable process of ageing begins! Thus, to keep overall health, movable joints and flexible skin without wrinkles, it is very important to replenish it regularly.

The collagen content in the body decreases with age. Replenish it!

Did you know that collage can be replenished by its regular taking? Yes – and it mitigates joint pain, improves joint mobility, or prevents occurrence of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the locomotive organs. At regular usage and if supplied in the correct form to the body, collagen works as a health and youth potion – it is able to smooth minor wrinkles, to increase skin elasticity considerably, to bleach pigmented lesions, to hydrate intensively dry skin and/or to improve hair quality and growth considerably. Thus, it slows down the ageing process in the most natural way for the body.

Collagen as arthrosis and arthritis prevention

Arthrosis, an unpleasant diagnosis, which means joint pain, occurs often even earlier than in high age. First symptoms usually occur already after the age of 40. Treatment possibilities of the advanced disease are rather limited, thus, each of us should devote at least some time to prevention. Important prevention of cartilage tissue depletion is collagen replenishment, besides regular movement and a healthy diet. Food complements with the content of hydrolysed collagen also stimulate synthesis of cartilage mass so that they act also as prophylaxis of degenerative diseases as e.g. osteoarthritis.

Miracle called collagen

How can it help you?

  • It can mitigate nerve pain and chronic bone inflammation
  • It reduces bone and joint pain at arthritis and rheumatism
  • It slows down osteoporosis
  • It speeds up healing of fractures, after delivery or surgical treatment
  • It improves skin healing after injuries and burns.
  • It relieves periodontitis
  • It mitigates backbone pains and sciatica
  • It considerably slows down skin aging and increases its elasticity
  • It smooths minor wrinkles and bleaches pigmented lesions
  • It acts as an efficient supplemental therapy in case of cellulite
  •  It works against dilated blood vessels and stretch marks
  • It regenerates nails and hair
  • It contains glycine, which is important for healthy growth
  • It helps in most of acne cases
  • It treats surface and inner varicose veins
  • It softens edges of old scars
  • It smooths down fresh scars
  • It helps to treat skin allergic reactions
  • It treats skin inflammations
  • It treats psoriasis
  • It helps to prevent skin cancer

Important also for sports(wo)men

Joints and cartilages exposed to load tend to wear and damage from the long-term point of view, especially in case of active life style of their owner. Even though sport activity (e.g. jogging) is one of the most natural ways of human body moving, it exposes joints not only to pronounced friction and wear, but also to long-time overload. Cartilage acting as a damper in joints must resist to intensive load caused by sports activities. Repeated shocks result in microcracks, cartilage loses its flexibility and is subject to damage, which manifests as increased sensitivity and later as joint pain up to development of osteoarthrosis. Sometimes, the body is not able to produce sufficient amounts of collagen to cover these losses. Because our organism repairs equal with equal, i.e. collagen with collagen. Thus, if you do sports and want to escape joint damage by overload, do not forget to provide your body with collagen.

How to select the correct one?

Not all collagens are the same. There are lots of collagen preparations in our market that promise to stop the time and to replenish your body with what it has lost naturally by ageing. How to find the most suitable one? We will advise you. When selecting your collagen, first consider its origin and its content in the daily dose. Also, the form of its supply to the body is equally important. Sure, you cannot do anything wrong when choosing a high-quality cream with collagen (though experts are rather sceptical towards this form of usage). However, if collagen is to work in your body as it should, it must be used in the form that can be really used by our organism.

An intensive collagen treatment now in a special package

We have prepared an intensive collagen treatment package for your health and beauty with collagen supplementation. For 3 pieces of Helissa Collagen you will receive as a gift: soft towel, 3x vitamin C, healthy and quality Geisha Oxalis tea and free shipping.

Collagen can be replenished in the most efficient way by its – DRINKING!

You ask why it is necessary to drink collagen when it is usually sold e. g. in pills? Yes, this is true. However, if collagen should be absorbed correctly and work in our body so as it should, it must be “alive”, i.e. “bio-active”. Bio-active collagen is most similar to the human collagen, it absorbs easily and its effect comes very quickly. It is produced (at least in the meantime) exclusively in the form of a powder that can be simply solved in water or in any other liquid and drunk.

The miracle of biochemistry in the service of your health

Bio-active collagen is undoubtedly one of the biggest inventions of global biochemistry. It is processed in a special way to conserve its biological value – by the so-called “cold” technology. This technology leads to extraction of high-quality collagen with the attributes „alive“ and „biologically active“ with conserved biologic structure. Shortly, a high-quality and clean bio product.

Really natural for our body

So is Helissa Collagen, the new unique bio-active hydrolysed collagen with the content of 100% pure sea collagen without additives. Its uniqueness consists in the fact that it conserves the triple helix structure of collagen, the so-called helix, typical for proteins of living organisms, even after processing. Simply said, it is most similar to our, human collagen and our body can work with it as with its own collagen – thanks to the so called “cold” technology. It uses it in places where replenishing is necessary, as it even stimulates cells to start production of their own collagen again!

Extraordinary collagen

Helissa Collagen is a really extraordinary protein complex in our market. Thanks to its unique properties, it strongly influences cell restoration and regeneration of collagen fibres, it affects positively the human organism and provides skin, hair and nails with the optimum nutrition level. Thanks to its structure, which is most similar to human collagen, it can be easily absorbed and its effect comes very quickly. Its big advantage is its 100% sea origin, first-class quality and highly concentrated amount in the daily doses (it contains up to 3000 mg pure 100% collagen in the daily dose, which is 400times more than in the average collagen product in the market!).

Helissa Collagen is extraordinary when compared to other preparations, as it includes three components! What does it mean? It does not include (as lots of common comparable products in the market) only one, but three types of collagen – collagen of the types I, II and III!

  • Collagen type I – is most common in human tissues and is located mostly in skin and bones. It represents about 90 % of all collagen types in the human body.
  • Collagen type II – is most represented in cartilage tissues where it contributes to the support function.
  • Collagen type III – with organism ageing, this collagen type vanishes and is being replaced by collagen type I, thus, it can be mostly found in young tissues.

OUR TIP: Strengthen your health, skin and hair right in the demanding winter period, donate the gold box also to your beloved ones and enjoy the results that you can soon reach together thanks to bio-active Helissa Collagen.

An intensive collagen treatment now in a special package

We have prepared an intensive collagen treatment package for your health and beauty with collagen supplementation. For 3 pieces of Helissa Collagen you will receive as a gift: soft towel, 3x vitamin C, healthy and quality Geisha Oxalis tea and free shipping.

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