Collagen is an extraordinary important substance, the lack of which can demonstrate by many inconvenient changes in our body. On the contrary, its replenishment can lead to a considerable change for the better! Thus, why to replenish collagen and which one is the best collagen in the market? 

Why is collagen important for the body?

Collagen is the most important structure protein in our body. It forms the structure of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilages and skin. In other words, it is the basic structure unit of all critically important parts, of which all our body is formed. Thus, you can image that collagen is really important for our body…

Why it should be replenished?

Our body synthesizes its collagen itself in youth, which is perfect, however, the problem comes with higher age. Natural collagen production decreases with age, which results in bone weakening, joint problems, arthrosis, tendon and muscle strength decrease, but also skin ageing and drying, wrinkles, loss of gloss and vitality of hair. However, this process can be considerably decreased by replenishing collagen in the form of collagen food supplements. However, not only elder people use collagen – collagen is used also by people with naturally low collagen production and problems even in lower age, and/or sportsmen and sportswomen whose bones, joints, tendons and ligaments are extremely loaded, thus needing more collagen.

Not all collagens are the same!

Collagen replenishing in the form of a food supplement is absolutely the best action you can do for your body; however, you should pay attention to selecting the collagen product. Quality collagen can work literally wonders when used regularly; it can feed bones and joints, removing pain and problems with joints, it can smooth smaller wrinkles, revive the skin, support growth and quality of hair. However, there is a big number of various producers and distributors of collagen in the marketplace who offer collagen for low prices, thus attracting many customers who buy ineffective collagen, which never leads the desired results for them.


Inca Collagen is a high quality and purely natural collagen, which legitimately belongs among the best collagens in the world. Why?

  • Inca Collagen is a 100% puresea collagen without any additives
  • One dose of Inca Collagen contains 3 000 mg of efficient hydrolysed collagen, which is up to 400times more of pure collagenthan other collagen products in the market containing unnecessary dyes, flavourings and other additives decreasing their content of pure collagen
  • It comes in the form of a water-soluble powder, which is the most natural and most efficient form to be taken in by our body
  • As it is 100% natural, its original structure being almost identical with human collagen is conserved, thus, our body knows how to work with it as with its own collagen
  • It consists of three components, of collagen I, II and III, which are all the types of collagen occurring in the body

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