Do you have wrinkles, strechmarks, unsightly pigmented lesions, brittle nails or fragile, thin hair? If your reply to anyone of these questions is YES, probably you will not be happy about the result. It is highly probably that also you start to suffer of lack of collagen.

Collagen is not botox. It is a protein belonging to your body

Let us begin from the theoretical side. We have already written lots about collagen. However, if you take into consideration that it is praised by cosmetic companies constantly as a new botox, somebody could probably think that collagen is for our body something that does not naturally belong to it. Quite on the contrary. Collagen is not only a genuine part of our body; it is even the most basic structure material in our body! Did you know that this important protein forms not only connective tissues of the locomotive organs, but also the structure of our bones and joints and even up to 70 % of proteins of our skin?

Important not only for skin, but for all our body

And this is by for not all what it can do. As far as our body itself can replenish it in full extent, collagen works as an inner health potion. It feeds, regenerates and supplies nutrients also to all tissues, hair and nails. Simply said, collagen is the driving engine in our body that keeps our skin and hair perfectly young, natural and elastic. However, this applies only if we have enough of it. Many of us know already that the collagen content in our body considerably decreases with the age. And after the 40th year, the body synthesizes almost no collagen “of its own accord”. Some of us can suffer this state of “collagen emergency” earlier, some later.

Does your body miss collagen? Test yourself!

1) Is your skin dry, dehydrated, with the tendency to form wrinkles?

2) Do you suffer of slack skin or unsightly strechmarks?

3) Is your hair brittle and matted? Do you suffer of increased hair loss?

4) Do you have brittle, splitting nails?

5) Do you suffer of pigmented lesions?

6) Is your age higher than 35 years?

If you replied two or more question positively, you may suffer by lack of collagen. It is not unusual, quite opposite. Lack of collagen is simply the consequence of the natural ageing process and it concerns everybody of us who are already far after 25. What is equally unpleasant, lack of collagen can cause also generation of first wrinkles. Skin missing collagen reserves is suddenly extremely dry, nails break, hair slowly thinning and loosing their gloss…

Collagen can be replenished by regular usage and skin ageing can be considerably slowed down, minor wrinkles can be smoothened or quality and growth of hair and nails can be improved. And not only this.  However, if collagen has to work as it should (and in places where it is most necessary), it is important to supply it to our body in the correct, bio-active (= HELISSA) form natural for our body. Cheers, friends!

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